Hot chocolate in this jar A small and perfect gift Give this Christmas! In a world full of ‘things’ why not try something new with an edible gift that your friends and family will love! This hot chocolate recipe is beautiful Rich and creamy, And So nice to share together!

Hot chocolate in a white cup with marshmallows
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Why we love this recipe

Giving an eating gift is the best kind of gift to give (and receive!). I have always found that wrapping food gifts is a great and affordable way to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and other events.

Take the stress out of buying Christmas presents with these gorgeous hot chocolate gifts in a jar. This recipe yields the most decadent, creamy and thickest hot chocolate and they are so cute!

It takes them a few minutes to whisk together, and you can prepare them in a batch.

An office gift? A gift for mom’s group? Filling a sock? These are so diverse!

Ingredients of the recipe

This hot chocolate blend consists of four simple ingredients:

Cocoa powder – Use good quality cocoa powder for this. I loved Hershey’s hot chocolate when I was in the US, and I love Cadbury’s cocoa powder in Australia. You’ll need 4 tablespoons.

White sugar – White sugar balances the dark chocolate and makes it pleasant and sweet. You will also need 4 tablespoons.

Corn / Cornflour Starch – This is the ingredient that makes hot chocolate super creamy and thick! You’ll need a spoon

Bitter chocolate or milk chocolate chips – Add another layer of chocolate with chocolate chips! See below for more alternatives!

Ingredients for hot chocolate recipe on a flat plate

Recipe equipment

To prepare them you will need the following:

Glass jar of 8 oz / pint / 300 ml – These are really affordable and easy to find in local stores, supermarkets, Kmart or Target. You need jars with a secure lid.

Note – If you are making a double, you will need a larger jar to serve 4 people.

Each small jar prepares hot chocolate for 2 servings.

funnel – It will help to lay out the ingredients and make it look a little cleaner. However, it is optional or you can make one from plain paper.

movie – Tie the instructions and give them a festive feel

Gift tags – Write the cooking instructions on them

How to assemble the jars

To lay out the jars, use the following method. This ensures it is easy to see your layers.

  1. Cocoa powder
  2. White sugar
  3. Corn / Cornflour Starch
  4. Chocolate chips