We love this easy roasted carrot recipe! We share our basic method of roasting carrots in the oven as well as how we make maple cumin carrots (it is delicious). Our family loves these delicious and cooked carrots! Skip to the recipe for roasted carrots

We roast carrots all the time and have already divided the carrots roasted in these honey with a simple tahini sauce as well as the roasted carrots perfectly with parsley garlic butter. Roasted carrots are quick to prepare and perfect for pre-preparation. Here is our family’s choice method for roasting carrots:

How to roast carrots

Roasting carrots in the oven is not so different from roasting other vegetables – like winter pumpkin or eggplant.

Use a hot oven. We keep our oven between 400 degrees and 425 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature range, the carrots are soft in the middle and become caramelized around the edges.

Season the carrots before roasting them. For one pound of carrots, we use one tablespoon of oil and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Of course, you can always add more seasoning – in fact, we do this in our recipe below – but remember, oil and salt are essential to make sure carrots taste great.

Roast, stir and then finish roasting. Generally, carrots take about 30 minutes to roast, so I like to slip them into the oven and let them roast uninterrupted for 15 minutes. Then I mix them quickly and let them finish the roasting.

Roasted carrots with maple syrup and cumin

Tip: When roasting vegetables – especially these carrots – spread them on one layer on the baking tray. This way they roast evenly and get a chance to brown.

Roasted maple cumin maple

Our basic recipe for roasted carrots requires oil, salt and pepper. Roasted carrots are so delicious, but we also have a version of maple cumin to share. Maple syrup adds a little sweetness and cumin adds a smoky and earthy taste. The combination is delicious.

Other recipes for oven-roasted carrots: Try honey-roasted carrots dripping in a simple tahini sauce, or those perfect roasted carrots tossed with parsley garlic butter.

Common questions

How long are carrots roasted? Unless your carrots are very thick, it will take them 20 to 35 minutes to roast (in a 400F to 425F oven). If you are roasting small carrots or thinly sliced, check them after 10 minutes to see how they are doing.

Should carrots be peeled before roasting? No, you do not have to peel carrots (unless you want to). Instead, let the carrots rub well with a vegetable scrub, then follow the recipe as usual.

Can I use baby carrots in this recipe? Yes of course! Follow our recipe guidelines below and check them from time to time to see how they are doing. If they look like they will do the grilling before our suggested times in the recipe, take them out early.

Oven-roasted carrots on a baking sheet

What to serve with carrots?

This carrot recipe is quick, so we make it often! Here are some of our family’s favorite dishes to serve:

Roasted carrots are quick and easy

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Here is our easy roasted carrot recipe. You can make these carrots in about 30 minutes! Our family loves these delicious and cooked carrots!

In the recipe below, we shared a basic recipe and also an optional step for roasting the carrots with maple syrup and cumin (delicious!).

Makes 6 servings

Watch us prepare the recipe

You will need

Basic roasted carrots

2 pound carrots, scrubbed clean or peeled

2 tablespoons olive oil or neutral oil like avocado oil

1/2 teaspoon thin sea salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Maple Cumin Carrot (Optional)

1 tablespoon pure maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin


    Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). Line a large pan with baking paper or use a silicone baking sheet.

    Cut the edges off each carrot, then slice them diagonally into 1-inch-thick slices. When the carrots are roasted, they will shrink.

    Add the slices of carrot, oil, salt and pepper to a large bowl. If you are making the maple cumin version, it is time to add the maple and cumin syrup. Toss the carrots around the bowl until they are well coated in oil and seasoning.

    Spread the carrots, in one layer, on the prepared baking pan.

    Roast for 15 minutes, stirring and then continue to roast until the carrots are soft and caramelized at the edges, 5 to 10 minutes longer. (For even more caramelization, roast for another 5 to 10 minutes.)

Adam and Joan’s tips

  • Nutrition Facts: The nutrition facts listed below are estimates. We used the USDA database to calculate approximate values. The calculations include the maple syrup and cumin.

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Nutrition per serving: Serving size 1 out of 6 servings / Calories 113 / Total fat 5.1 g / Saturated fat 0.6 g / Cholesterol 0 mg / sodium 298.8 mg / carbohydrate 16.9 g / Dietary fiber 4.3 g / Total sugars 9.2 g / protein 1.5 g

author: Adam and Joan Gallagher