This delicious honeydew bubble tea is a fruity spin on Twain’s classic cold drink. It’s quick and easy to make, perfect to quench your thirst on a hot day and feel energized!

Our recipe includes all the classics Doll tea Ingredients, i.e. iced tea, milk, sweetener, and tapioca pearls. Next, we added slices of fresh honeydew melon, peeled, removed seeds and mixed until smooth.

As for the tea base, we chose green tea instead of the usual Chinese black tea. This is because green tea has a mellow taste, and it does not overpower the delicate taste of Tal Honey Hotel. Plus, it’s much more antioxidant than black tea, and it’s always a good thing!

Because we wanted our bubble tea recipe to be healthier, lower in sugars, milk-free and vegan, we replaced cow’s milk with coconut milk and fine sugar with maple syrup.

Many honeydew bubble tea recipes use green honeydew melon powder instead of fresh fruit. Sure, you can drink a more beautiful light green drink if you use a powder. But you will give up the extra fiber, nutrients and delicious taste that Fresh Hotel offers instead. And a fresh hotel is much cheaper!

Still, if honeydew melons are out of season and you can not get them, you are also given the option to use melon powder in the preparation of honeydew milk in Tips section below.

And of course, we used tapioca pearls. Fun and delicious chewy tapioca pearls are what makes the bubble tea Bubble tea. Also known as doll, They are available in different colors at your local Asian food store or online.

They are super easy to make and add to your bubble tea. Follow our recipe below, and we’ll show you how. Still, if you do not find them or prefer not to use them, you can simply make honeydew milk tea without tapioca pearls. It will be no less delicious!

Okay, it’s time to get your tallest and prettiest glasses out of the closet and let’s make this honeydew doll tea together!