The sweet potato leads in Bryant Terry’s latest book, Black food, Published under the stamp of his 4 new coloring books. (See our recent interview that discusses some of the exciting plans that are in the process.) One of the first pieces of writing I landed on while flipping through the book was a short essay by a rocket scientist and an entire Howard Conniers pig checkpoint.

He tells the story of a legacy sweet potato (“the best sweet potato I have ever eaten”), and the steps his father took to cultivate and age the tuber as if it were precious ribs. The culmination of the harvest was a platter of potatoes, cooked in the golden coals of a barbecue pit, served simply (just fire, potatoes, salt) and in abundance – three to four pounds at a time. To say I craved my tray with sweet potatoes after reading these lines is to underestimate things. A. grabbed a clutch while visiting a local farmers market the next day. Plans were made.

This is not the only star of the sweet potato in the book. Chef Kia Damon’s contribution to Black food There are home cooks who cut ground white grits in stone with roasted sweet potato meat, which enhances the texture. Lani Halliday, from the exciting Brooklyn Brutus in Bishop, Paid homage to the iconic black-and-white cookies of New York with a “pink and gold” cookie, studded along its entire length with sweet potatoes. “The importance of sweet potatoes in the diet and history of black people in the area cannot be overstated,” she notes, an idea that resonated throughout the text.

In an article by Rahana Bissert Martinez, “How Black Intellect Announces the Future of Cooking Programs,” Top Chef Junior The finalist imagines the sweet potato as a metaphor for “American black existence”, using a scene from Ralph Allison’s film An invisible man Build her bag. (Besides, you should also check out Bisseret Martinez’s essay on TASTE on the flexible comfort of Agua de Jamaica.

And yet, for me, the discovery of the biggest sweet potato is from reading Black food Is Betty Wendy’s recipe and reflection on cooked sweet potato leaves. The raw material is a facility in Sierra Leone, where the leaves are prepared as stews and are “as African as possible”. Wendy’s technique for cooking the leaves with okra, eggplant and butter beans led me down YouTube cooking video pale rabbit. Now that America’s great sweet potato holiday is approaching, it’s clearly time to cool down with the marshmallows, look for the greens and think a little more about how you can celebrate sweet potatoes in so many different ways.