Today the world of Tiktok has made the prospect of content go viral. Dance, challenges and recipes do not seem to have escaped the world’s reliance on social media.

Experimenting with some delicious dishes is a great result of this virality. Today we bring you a list of 17 best Tiktok recipes you can try at home. Why do not you photograph yourself creating them? Or alternatively, just enjoy them in the personal comfort of your own home.

Nothing fancy here, just like Tiktok. We are not entirely sure how angel milk has gone viral. After all, the only things in it are milk, sugar and vanilla extract?

However, despite all our moans, it’s really nice. You can equip it with anything you want. Glitter, honey, cinnamon? The list goes on and on!

A recipe for coffee delgona

There’s a good chance you’ve tried a Delgona coffee under a different name, and if you’ve not tried, you’ll be pampered! Delgona coffee is also known as ‘whipped cream’ coffee. The milk is whipped before the coffee, and additional ingredients are added.

Since Tiktok videos are really short, you have to compress a lot. Fortunately, this is possible with this delicious drink because it has only three basic ingredients!

Baked feta pasta

Our regular readers will know that we absolutely adore a simple dish. It does not get simpler than that. Provided you know how to boil a pasta pan, you can whip it in less than 5 minutes.

It really combines penne pasta, cherry tomatoes, healthy crumbs of white and salty feta, topped with some basil, olive oil and chili flakes.

Bake the whole part in the oven until the tomatoes are sweet and pulpy. The work was done!

4. Vegan bacon

Wrong, wait, what?

listen. Do not knock it until you have tried it. The main thing that stops us from being fully vegan is that we love a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning.

The sad thing is with this dish, we actually have no excuses! Okay, so it’s not tasty exactly Like bacon, but it’s not far. The basis of this dish is basically carrots! If you want to add texture, flavor and crispiness to your breakfast (or maybe even a burger) and want to slice the meat, then vegan bacon could be the way to go?

5. Tortilla wrapper

One thing we do like about Tiktok is how fast the recipes are. You will often find the “hack” hiding occasionally, provided you have scrolled enough.

The Tiktok tortilla wrapper is an example of a burglary that is actually big. If you’ve ever tired of your filling falling off the bottom of your tortilla, you should give it a try. We will not look again at folding a tortilla in the same way. You can fill it with whatever you like. Our favorite is chipotle beef, or maybe some pickled pork and crispy lettuce … or both.

6. Pancake cereal

Look. We love pancakes, and we love cereals. OK? Tiktok brought us some joy because it allowed us to combine the two together.

Want a top tip? Do not use milk. Instead, a nice drizzle of maple syrup combined with some butter and maybe a sliced ​​banana will be easy enough to keep feeding until lunch!

If you want to go for a super lush flavor, feel free to add a splash of heavy cream.

Bread clouds

The kids will love it. This bread, published by Tiktok, needs only three ingredients. Where does the name come from?

Well, besides being super light and soft, he will have a blue line that will cross the center if you do it right. Okay, if we blink a little, suppose it looks like a layer of blue sky crammed between two clouds. This is a very sweet bread.

We will compare it to donuts more than anything else. Its airiness is due to the inclusion of egg whites that whip to stiff peaks before mixing and baking.

8. Twisted bacon

I once felt like social media was reinventing the wheel. Well, this is a story with a twist, literally. There is not much in this recipe. In fact, it’s just bacon.

It does not matter how big your bacon is. What you do with it is what determines. The goal is to rotate the bacon evenly. And you do not have to sizzle even on a hot pan. These are cooked in the oven, making them all uniformly crispy.

Because they are baked in the oven, you can prepare a huge dish in one go. They are great food for a party and can be used for dips. Occasionally we like to drip ours in maple syrup to sugar-distorted bacon. Get this trend in your kitchen for sure!

9. Garden focaccia

Everyone knows that focaccia eaten outside is the most delicious. But what about when it’s Looks Like a garden? You can let your creative juices flow if you decide to do so. On top of this Italian flatbread hangs a smorgasbord of color and flavor.

Make sunflower, daisy, tilapia or whatever you like. Since the top ‘picture’ is made of edible ingredients, you will enjoy the look and taste of this dish. It seems almost a shame to cut it and eat it … almost.

10. Corn ribs

Like most Tiktok recipes, this is a simple recipe that does not require anything fancy or new … provided you are at least a little useful with a knife.

This is another great vegetarian alternative. The ‘ribs’ are formed by cutting a corn cob into quarters before baking or grilling.

While baking, they curl slightly and form small ribs. How you upload them is up to you. We love to make a Mexican style sauce of butter, chili, lime juice and cilantro.

You can also serve them with a farm-style dip if you make a Tex-Max.

11. Hot cocoa bombs

Some drink, some dessert, this is one you will definitely want to try when the weather cools down. Think of it a bit like a bath bomb.

You add a hot liquid, the chocolate melts, and you are left with a ridiculously hot and sweet ceramic drink that will make you cuddle!

For even more pampering, fill your bomb with delicious sweet treats like jelly beans, marshmallows or chocolate in different colors.

12. Capri sun for adults

Did you ever remember walking around as a kid with a little orange drink in a bag? Capri windows were God Taste of summer. The good news is that you can make an adult version.

Not only will it fit the size, but it will make you run around the playground screaming wildly. Why? Because it contains properly grown wine.

The ‘bag’ is actually a package of frozen summer fruits. It is added with a small (or large) splash of summery white wine. Since you mix it with other delicious fruits, you do not have to price the wine.

We find that the most refreshing is something like a slightly sharp and sweet white zinfandel, but you can add whatever wine you see fit.

13. Pesto eggs

If you cook your eggs properly, they are heavenly in the morning. A soft and pleasant yoke, when cut, acts as a sauce of nature for so many dishes. Is there a way to make eggs better?

In fact, yes, there is. You may or may not know, but pesto is full of oil jams … along with basil, parmesan and pine nuts.

This makes us the ideal alternatives to cooking oil. In fact, we would say it’s even better. Just heat some pesto in the pan before adding your egg. Be sure to flip some of the pesto over the undissolved protein. It cooks when the pan heats up! We’ll fight you for the crispy pieces. That’s the taste of heaven!

14. Sour Ranch

Is there anyone in the world who does not have a half-eaten jar of pickled dill sitting at the bottom of his closet in the store?

There’s a reason why they’re still there. Pickles on their own can only be a little cruel.

Looking for a way to energize them and raise them to the level of your new and favorite snack? it’s so easy. Watching Tiktok we were able to pick up on this quick break.

Try to get some farm seasoning. Put it in the jar with the pickled water and shake it as if your life depends on it.

Leave it for a while until these amazing farm flavors are soaked in pickles. It’s just about it! You can eat them as a snack, but we found that adding a few burgers takes them to a whole new level.

15. Pickled garlic

There are some elements in life that we just can not do without. One of them is garlic. The second sriracha sauce. After watching this viral video on Tiktok, we decided that a combination of the two might be the first super ingredient in the world! You will need a jar of pickled garlic in the first place.

Add some sriracha sauce, some chill flakes and some fresh (or dried) thyme. Unlike in our farm pickle recipe, you do not leave the vinegar in the jar.

In fact, you Replace It’s with whips of sweet and spicy sriracha. Be sure to shake the jar well to make sure the ingredients are fully mixed.

16. Baked oatmeal mixed

Do you want to know some secrets to making the taste of oatmeal really stand out and stand out? Baking oats causes them to roast a little.

We wish you could stand in our kitchen while we prepare them. The scent is divine. However, you can simply make them yourself.

The trick in this recipe, as the name implies, is to blend the oats first. This makes them much smoother and increases their surface area, meaning they absorb liquids and flavors much more easily!

While oatmeal is often considered a healthy food, we like to make ours a little naughty! how? simple. We add Nutella balls along with lashes of maple syrup (and a mashed banana for sweetness).

Let’s be honest, it’s more like a cake than a breakfast, but shhhh. If you want to eat chocolate banana bread for your breakfast, your secret is safe with us!

17. Japanese souffle pancakes

Pancakes are not new, right. right? On the contrary our friends, you never tried a proper pancake until you gave it a go.

If you do them right, they come out about the same thickness as your hand (at least, sometimes they are thicker!).

There are two keys you must keep in mind if you want to make these light and airy pancakes. You will need to whip proteins like you have never whipped them before. Forget soft peaks. You are looking for something that is almost as solid as marshmallows.

The second tip we have is to add just a little baking powder. It ferments, creating carbon dioxide that creates tiny air bubbles in your batter.

These blend in to create something that looks full here but is surprisingly delicate. Serve your pancakes with the usual accompaniment. Ours is bacon, maple syrup, ah and cream. Lots of cream!

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We hope you have found something you like among our 17 best tiktok recipes, and if not, why not search for tiktok to see if you can find one better. Because Tiktok specializes in making short videos, you will not find long recipes here.

The vast majority can be prepared in less than half an hour and with a handful of ingredients. What was your favorite from the list? Have you seen more things you think we should add? Why not let us know in the comments below?