When we first heard that it was possible to bake bread with only three ingredients, we were surprised. No wonder it has become a trend in ticketing! You have to see these airy (and sometimes colorful) squares to believe. They are quite tasty too! The secret? Everything in the wrist, literally. What do we mean? Well, you will have to keep reading to find out. Today we will show you how to make cloud bread. Tiktok recipes are almost always simple, and that’s the proof. check this out!

What is Tiktok Cloud Bread?

Amazing and amazing?

Okay, look, we are not the biggest fans of social media, but in this case, we will make an exception.

Cloud bread is a puffed bun made from only three (and occasionally four) ingredients. It uses protein, corn starch and a little sugar. These little rolls are sweet, light and quite tasty. See it as a sort of hybrid between muffin and meringue, and you’re almost there. It’s a bit of bread on the outside and really chewy on the inside.

How to make cloud bread (Tiktok recipe)

Okay, for this recipe, you go Definitely Need one of two things.


Mixer stand with beat connection.


Arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger and heavy frother.

Why? Because the first thing you are going to do is whip some proteins until they foam. Then you are going to add sugar and rest a bit before whipping them to soft peaks.

that’s it. I finished. No more beatings, right?

Oh darling, our friends, you underestimated while it was taking. Now, get back to your predicament.

Once you have soft stripes, it’s time to incorporate the third and final ingredient. Corn starch.

Corn starch is more or less what changes it from meringue to cloud Tiktok bread that we know and love (I hope). He acts as a binding agent. Essentially, it thickens the walls of the bubbles you have created in the egg whites. They will not collapse while baking, giving you airy and beautiful clouds.

How can I know when it’s ready?

easy! Your protein mix will become really stiff and shiny.

And what next?

From there you will rake the meringue on baking paper and gently with a damp spoon or spatula shape it into an impressive ‘cloud’. The last step is to bake it for 20-30 minutes in a hot oven. We found that 300 ° F seems to be the sweet spot.

All that is left to do now is to rip into that cloud and enjoy! This is a trend we can get used to.

Tips and tricks

  • seriously. Get a stand mixer. You are not strict need One make this recipe, but if not, our Tiktok cloud bread recipe will be your least favorite. Man, those eggs get beaten up, and the result is never nearly as good.
  • Before that we said there are occasional ones Four Component. Well, here it is. A few drops of food coloring. When the cloud bread is baked, it turns brown on the outside so that the hue on the inside is indistinguishable. One great idea we had was to use them for baby discoveries. Pink for a girl, blue for a boy.
  • Look at some people claiming that flour can work instead of corn starch. Spoiler alert. It is not. Flour is not as delicate as cornstarch, and as a result, will eventually make your clouds look more like fog than anything light and fluffy.
  • Although you can use regular white sugar, but if you want the best result, we recommend using fine powdered sugar (also called baking sugar). It dissolves more easily and makes your protein blend much smoother.
  • You can add food coloring at any stage during this recipe. For a really interesting effect, add it right at the end and fold it gently. You will get a really beautiful colored marble in your cloud bread.
  • You can add small additions to this dish so that it has a slightly different taste. We have previously tried mint extract, vanilla concentrate and almond extract. everybody were especially Delicious.
  • If you are kicking sugar free, there are alternatives you can try. Stevia grained is pretty good. We even made honey clouds once. They were exceptional.
  • Please do not try and treat it like a traditional dough. No rest, kneading or proofreading. You will not be able to do this in advance either. Why? Because the little air bubbles in the meringue mixture eventually exploded. Not good unless you want to make a sweet omelet!

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The Cloud Bread Tiktok recipe may be one of the best things to ever come out of social media! They are light, airy and are a really nice sweet treat to add to a lunch box.

If you do not want to eat a whole mixture, just divide the mixture into four tiny clouds before baking! What color are you going to make for your own? Tell us in the comments below.

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