Still the best baked mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten, with a creamy white cheese sauce and a topping of buttery bread crumbs. This is a macaroni cheese recipe that is very popular throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Close-up of baked mac and fresh cheese from the oven

Baked Mac & Cheese

I do not want to be sick, but if I had to pick one last meal, it might be this baked Mac & Cheese. Put me in a room with macaroni cheese, and none of us have a chance. Said Mack & Cheese would be destroyed.

And of all the Macs and Cheeses in the world, it’s still the best Macs and Cheeses I’ve ever had!

Macaroni cheese baked in a black pan that came out of the oven

Macaroni and cheese on it

This is a Mac & Cheese recipe that is everything you want in a macaroni cheese – cheesy and creamy, with perfectly cooked macaroni (without puffed pasta!), Plenty of sauce and over crispy butter (essential to me forever!)

What’s going on in Baked Mac and Cheese

Here’s what you need. cheese. butter. pasta. All essential food groups are covered! 😂

What's going on in Baked Mac and Cheese

The best pasta for Mac & Cheese?

Macaroni, also known as Pasta elbows. But really, any short pasta will work just fine – penne, ziti, rounds, etc.

The best cheese for Mac & Cheese?

A combination of Gruyere cheese and mozzarella. Gruyere For the most excellent taste With the best melting qualities for ceramic sauces such as this – there is no arguing in my opinion. and Stretch mozzarella – Nothing cheese is as appealing as good mozzarella!

But honestly, any well-melted cheese works great with mac and cheese, like cheddar, tasting, colby, swiss, pepper jack, emmental.

No cream?

No! You do not need it. This sauce is rich enough as it is from the butter and cheese. Cream makes it so rich that it is impossible to eat more than a few tablespoons. How disappointing !!!

How to Make Baked Mac & Cheese |

This is a simple recipe, starting with basic butter-flour roux Used to thicken milk to make the cheese sauce. For first timers, I think The short video below Will help give you the confidence in it you’ve got it!

How to Make Baked Mac & Cheese |

The simple trick to avoid lumps in the mac and cheese sauce is to pour in the milk slowly while stirring constantly, then just switch to a whisk if necessary to remove stubborn lumps!

Picture of mac and cheese baked in a rustic bowl, ready to eat

Best Mac & Cheese Tips!

  • Grated fresh cheese – Do not use pre-shredded. They have anti-crystallization agents that can turn the sauce into grains.

  • No overcooked pasta – Cool the macaroons slightly and coat lightly with butter. This prevents the macaroni from absorbing more liquid while baking, resulting in overcooked pasta (hot pasta absorbs liquid faster, butter forms a thin protective layer) and less sauce.

  • To prevent lumps In your sauce, stir constantly while slowly pouring in the milk and continuing to mix after the whole milk has been added. If necessary, switch to a switch to get rid of small, stubborn lumps!

  • Plenty of sauce – Because I like my mac and cheese sabzi, not dried so you can cut it like a cake!

  • Can you make Mac & Cheese ahead of time? Most recipes are not suitable for pre-preparation, but this recipe does! The best way is to cool pasta and then toss with sauce and add bread crumb coating. Cool, refrigerate or freeze and then bake for a day.

  • How long can Mac & Cheese stay in the fridge? Unlike most, this macaroni cheese recipe is good for 3 to 5 days in the fridge. Most mac and cheese will not be well preserved because there is not enough sauce so it is absorbed into the pasta and is left with dry pasta without sauce.

  • freezing? Yes! Assemble, cool, do not bake, just freeze. Then thaw on the day of, bake according to the recipe.

  • Add plugins? This recipe is great as it is, but there are lots of options and toppings. Add grated chicken, sautéed onions and peppers, bacon, hot sauce (for the heat!), Dry herbs to choose from.

Spoon lifting cheese ball Macaroni cheese

What to serve with baked Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese deserves to be used as A meal in itself, Served only with a fresh green salad or a simple vegetable side. Nothing heavy because macaroni cheese is as rich as it is!

about extension, It will compliment almost any non-Asian main course. Baked simple pork ribs to steak, roast chicken to crispy garlic thighs, the only things I probably would not serve with mac and cheese would be very light summer mains like tuna tartare – just a little also Great contrast.

And of course, festive gatherings! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – alongside a sumptuous roast turkey or turkey breast sautéed in herb butter and garlic, the juicy roast pork with an impossibly crispy crack or your Prime Rib that blushes so pink to the end, it makes you want to cry.

The holidays will not be the same without this Mac and Cheese !! – Nagi xx

Baked Mac & Cheese Recipe
Look how it’s made

Baked Mac & Cheese Recipe Video! Do not miss the end when it comes out of the oven …

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A close-up of freshly baked Mac & Cheese

Baked Mac & Cheese

Dishes6 – 8 people

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Recipe video above. Still the best mac and baked cheese I’ve ever eaten! Perfect in every way, it has a wonderfully white cheese sauce, especially creamy with a crispy and beautiful buttery coating. Great for serving at gatherings because it will not dry out and be cluttered like most macaroni cheese recipes because of the extra step of tossing the macaroni in butter (prevents it from swelling) and because it is especially spicy outside the oven. Great tip: Drag your cheese, it makes all the difference. The purchased store contains anti-crystallization ingredients that can make your sauce grainy or powdery.



  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add macaroons and cook according to package instructions minus a minute.

  • Strain, return the pasta to the pot, add butter and stir until dissolved. Set aside to cool while preparing the sauce (optional – Note 3).

Sauce (helpful video):

  • Preheat oven to 180 ° C / 350 ° F.

  • In a large pot or ovenproof pan (I use my 26cm / 9 inch cast iron skillet), melt butter over medium heat. Add flour and cook, stirring constantly for a minute.

  • Add about 1 cup of milk and stir to dissolve the dough into the milk. Then add the rest of the milk and mix until lump-free (use a whisk if necessary).

  • Stir in salt and spices if using.

  • Cook, stirring / whipping regularly, for 5-8 minutes until thickened to a creamy texture. When the sauce coats the back of the wooden spoon, you should be able to draw a path with your finger.

  • Remove from the heat, add cheese and stir – the cheese should not melt.

  • Adjust the salt to taste.


  • Pour sauce into pot with macaroni. Stir quickly, then pour back into the pan (I did this) or into a baking pan (note 4). Sprinkle with extra bread crumbs.

  • Bake for 25 minutes or until the top is lightly golden. Do not bake too long otherwise bake the sauce!

  • Serve immediately! I sprinkled mine with some fresh parsley.

Recipe notes:

1. Pampered bread crumbs They are larger pieces than regular bread crumbs which creates a really nice crispy topping. It can be found in the Asian part of supermarkets here in Australia. Can replace with regular bread crumbs.
2. Cheese

  • Main cheese (2 cups) – My favorite is Gruyere (used in video), for the taste and quality of melting. You can use any melted cheese in flavor. Other cheeses I love for this include: Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Colby, Probolon. (Australia / NZ: Delicious cheese works and is especially tasty but the sauce is not really smooth);
  • I like to use Mozzarella For the second cheese (1 cup). It melts really well into the sauce, has a nice stretch, and is not as greasy as other cheeses can be. However, you can just use more of the main cheese.
  • Always grate your cheese For cheese sauces. Grated cheese purchased at the store contains dehydrating substances that do not dissolve and can therefore give the sauce a light powdery texture.

Throw in pasta with butter Provides a light coating that helps prevent it from swelling while baking in the sauce. This is also the reason I let the pasta cool before mixing with the sauce. Optional step – can be skipped.
4. Baking pan size – Baking pan of 2.5 liters / 2.5 liters (10 cups). A 9 x 13 inch / 23 x 33 plate is perfect for a double serving, a little too big for a single serving (spread too thin, you want more depth).
5. Prepare in advance: Mac & Cheese is best made fresh but if you have to make it in advance, this is the best way: cook pasta and toss in butter, cool. Make a cheese sauce according to a recipe, then cool with an ON lid (important, to prevent evaporation). Make an addition. Store all components separately in the refrigerator until needed. Mix sauce and pasta, top with topping and then bake according to a recipe.
Reheating of residues: The best way is to heat in the microwave and then spray on top with oil (or butter) and crispy under the grill / broiler.
6. Nutrition Per serving. 6 servings as a generous addition – you will be amazed at how much 250 g / 8 oz are stretched with a load of cheese sauce! Will serve 4 generously as a main.

Nutritional information:

Calories: 551cal (28%)Carbohydrates: 48P (16%)protein: 23P (46%)Oil: 29P (45%)Saturated fat: 17P (106%)Cholesterol: 89Mg (30%)sodium: 847Mg (37%)potassium: 326Mg (9%)fiber: 1P (4%)Sugar: 8P (9%)vitamin: 915IU (18%)Vitamin C: 0.2Mgcalcium: 449Mg (45%)iron: 1.4Mg (8%)

Recipe first published in July 2017. Updated several times since with better photos, addition of recipe video. Updated November 2021 to confirm again that it’s still the best Mac I’ve ever had !! No changes to the recipe – readers will never forgive me !!


I love Mac and Cheese well! See??

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