Are you ready? Did you start? Do you have at least a plan?

My daughter will make this lovely salad – here is a link to the recipe.
Brussels sprouts Apple salad and pomegranates

I’m going to make this soup again this year – I like to serve soup to start the meal and when it’s done, I slice the bird and mash the vegetables. It kind of breaks things down.
Butter pumpkin soup

I’m not sure if I’m going to spatch my bird, cook it whole or fry it? I think I should take pictures of my bird this year – I’ve shared these too many times already – but they were delicious!

The holidays are already here and the next month and a half will probably be a bit of a whirlwind. To share with you my answers to the above questions in order is. A short answer is no, a long answer is it does not really matter if I am ready they happen in one way or another. I started about with Thanksgiving and my anniversary at least; Oh, we also have 2 birthdays coming up as well as our 33rd wedding anniversary just to throw it in there for the sake of good order. I have a plan to make a plan that helps? probably not; wish me luck!

cranberry sauce


A simple but very tasty alternative to the one designed like a can

  • 1 Bag Fresh cranberries
  • 1 Goblet Sugar
  • ¼ Goblet Orange Juice A little scraping if you use orange adds even more flavor
  • 1 Goblet cold water

So I did not make anything different last week to share with you so I thought of sharing some recipes I will make next week for Thanksgiving. I went shopping on Friday afternoon, and I just fried the sausages for my stuffing, and I’ll spread out and have my cheesecake for the same thing when I finish writing here. So this is a start.

Thanksgiving – Cheetah Cheese Sauce

My daughter came home from work and made the statement “Mom you better bring the turkey or we will not have one, and we will probably end up having to make chicken capon for everyone” it can be a bit dramatic at times. Although I admit I was unable to get my two regular birds weighing 9-10 pounds, I had to settle for 12.5 pounds. I still did not understand how I want to cook it but there is more time.

Pies and tarts to bake or buy?

Yesterday I took out or searched for my own recipes to make sure I had everything at hand. There’s nothing worse than getting up on a Thursday morning and being forced to flee to something you forgot. So if nothing else look around today and make a plan. I know going to the store today probably will not be your best bet but getting to the store first thing or a moment before closing is not terrible. Do not forget what you will also need for the leftovers.

Thanksgiving egg roll leftovers

Sliders left for Thanksgiving

Delicious turkey / soup soup is easy

Pie of India

I want to make the leftover egg rolls – I will run out of egg roll covers today!

Happy Thanksgiving – Stay Safe and Healthy!