If you are looking for a delicious way to use Chinese wolfberries, we have a recipe for a wonderful vegan goji berry soup that we want to share with you.

Common questions

What’s the point of this goji berry soup?

This goji berry soup combines the bitter-sweet and cranberry-like taste of goji berries with roasted and delicious red peppers, salted soy sauce and toasted sesame oil.

It has the perfect balance of sweet, sour and salty notes.

Is this goji soup healthy?

Soups made with goji berry are incredibly healthy because they contain a lot of health-promoting antioxidants, plus beneficial fiber.

Chinese “wolf grains” have been used for centuries in Chinese cuisine as a medicinal ingredient, and many scientific studies have supported their various health benefits.

Goji berries are good for eye and skin health, immune system, blood sugar and mood.

If you want to learn more about these wonderful berries, we have an interesting article on goji berries and their benefits, plus ideas for delicious recipes to add to your diet.

How is goji berry used in soups?

You can use goji berry in soups in three different ways:

  1. Cook goji berries in the broth until they are soft and plump

  2. Mix soft goji berries with a sprig of colored red soup

  3. Sprinkle dried goji berries over the soup to finish chewing

In our recipe, we mixed dried goji berries with vegetable stock and roasted red peppers to create a smooth and bright orange soup.