Creamy potatoes Is a favorite recipe for easy cheesy potatoes! Finely sliced ​​potatoes and onions are cut into a quick cheese sauce and baked until golden.

Potatoes or gratin are a favorite recipe for the family and perfect for a Sunday dinner or as a dish for the holiday!

Gratin potatoes in a baking dish with a fork

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This recipe for potatoes or gratin prepares light cheesy potatoes, similar to curly potatoes but laden with a rich cheese flavor. They are the perfect dish for the holiday next to baked pork or even roast beef almonds or pork almonds!

Gratin potato cheese

What is the best potato gratin cheese? When making gratin potatoes, choose cheeses that have a lot of bold flavors. Our top picks are varieties with a sharper taste such as Sharp cheddar, Parmesan and / or Gruyere (or Swiss).

Gruyere cheese adds a rich flavor to gratin potatoes that really cannot be matched; If you can get it, I highly recommend you do it! If Gruyere is not available use Probolone or Swiss For a similar taste!

Professional tip: For a smooth sauce and for best results, shred your cheese from a lump. Pre-grated cheeses will work but do not melt so nicely.

Ingredients for potatoes in gratin